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Asbestos materials, pictures of asbestos, asbestos products, asbestos in buildings, photos of asbestos, asbestos found in surveys

All images copyright of Kent Surveys and are not to be used without permission. All information presented here is for general information on asbestos containing materials only and is not to be used as a basis for any asbestos related work including asbestos remediation and/or removal. Uncontrolled disturbance and exposure to asbestos fibres can cause cancer!.

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asbestos in electrical switchgear.JPG Asbestos flash guards in electrical switchgear copy.jpg Asbestos floor tiles on stairs copy.jpg Damaged_asbestos_pipe_insulation_in_office_boiler_room.jpg Unsealed asbestos board firebreak in ceiling void copy.jpg
Asbestos Insulation Board stacked in garage.JPG Asbestos rope (100%) seal to old cooking range firebox copy.jpg Vertical steelwork asbestos fire protection - regularly damaged copy.jpg Asbestos pipe sleeve caulking in laboratory service void copy.jpg Asbestos steam pipe gaskets copy.jpg
asbestos factory ceiling boards (coating).jpg Asbestops cement flue in loft.jpg AIB_asbestos_ceiling_from_above_(unsealed).jpg Asbestos pipework and header insulation.jpg asbestos mastic in ducting joints copy.jpg
Asbestos paper (100%) backing to old lino copy.jpg Asbestos AIB ceiling boards (sealed) copy.jpg asbestos rope safe door seal.jpg Asbestos covered heating pipework in church floor void copy.jpg Asbestos board lid to loft water tank copy.jpg
Unsealed asbestos pipe insulation.jpg Asbestos cement ceiling above false ceiling copy.jpg Sprayed asbestos on steelwork copy.jpg Asbestos insulation on industrial compressor copy.jpg Asbestos LP Boiler and header insulation.jpg
Damaged asbestos ceiling.jpg Small factory steelwork fire protection cladding .jpg Asbestos board plinth to old boiler copy.jpg Asbestos bitumen damp course .JPG asbestos boiler and pipework.jpg
Asbestos vent lining.jpg Asbestos fire protection inside canteen equipment copy.jpg Understair AIB fire protection close-up.JPG Asebestos AIB service ducting in large commercial unit.jpg Asbestos Boarding behind heater copy.jpg
Asbestos board fire protection under wooden stairs copy.jpg Asbestos cement roof tile filleting.JPG Encapsulated and labelled asbestos board firebreak copy.jpg Asbestos insulation board fire baffle copy.jpg Asbestos sample drawing plan cropped.jpg
Asbestos rope seal to old cooking range lids copy.jpg Asbestos insulated calorifier and pipework copy.jpg Asbestos insulation board walls in stairwell copy.jpg Asbestos cement ceiling board in old school canteen copy.jpg Encapsulated_asbestos_insulated_pipework.jpg
Asbestos boarding fire protection of service duct copy.jpg asbestos ironing board rest.jpg Asbestos contaminated cable floor ducting copy.jpg AIB lathes in office reception ceiling.jpg AIB radiator cupboard lining (damaged).jpg
AIB water tank lid found in loft.jpg Asbestos board firebreak between lofts copy.jpg Asbestos gaskets.JPG Severely damaged AIB cladding in old warehouse (major contamination) copy.jpg Asbestos board soffit on entrance porch.JPG
Sample-asbestos-survey-drawing.jpg Asbestos AIB boarding found during shop refurb.jpg Asbestos fire protection wall to UPS room copy.jpg asbestos content in bitumen tile adhesive (tiles removed).JPG Asbestos flash guards in electrical switchgear (open) copy.jpg
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