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What is an Asbestos Survey? - The different types of Asbestos Survey

Depending on your requirements, there a many survey options available, the following list is based on the type of surveys I regularly carry out, based on each clients particular situation.


Domestic Asbestos Surveys


Communal Area Asbestos Surveys (Flats):

An asbestos survey of the common areas of flats, usually requested by solicitors when one of the flats is being sold, the scope includes any areas shared by more than one tenant. This usually means the entrance, hallway, stairwell(s), landings, utility cupboards (gas/electric) and external materials. Much of the time these are nothing more than a 'paper exercise' and are priced accordingly, but occasionally there may be asbestos materials that will need managing by the duty holders of the property (either the landlord or management committee).


Asbestos Survey of Houses: (Non Refurbishment)

The basic type of asbestos house survey are requested when the homebuyers report mentions there may be asbestos present in the building, it is sometimes specified as 'textured coatings' 'floor tiles' 'garage roof' and sometimes asbestos is mentioned generally to cover themselves against claims of omission, there may well be other types of asbestos material present but are outside the limited knowledge of the building surveyor.

The buyer may well be understandably concerned about the very presence of asbestos in the property, knowing that exposure to the material can lead to cancer. There may also be a financial concern that the removal of the asbestos materials could cost a significant amount which had not been considered during the initial negotiations.


Asbestos Survey of Houses: (Refurbishment)

If the buyer/owner/tenant wishes carry out refurbishment of the property, from simple wiring or removal of fixtures up to a complete strip out and refitting of a property that hasn't been modernised for many years. A refurbishment asbestos survey is therefore required, this will mean a more intrusive inspection method, where all materials are inspected, including any materials that may be hidden behind other materials, that are likely to be disturbed by the planned refurbishment. These types of survey can be adjusted in scope to cover just the areas of refurbishment, the remainder of the property will be subject to a standard survey to protect the existing integrity of architectural features etc.


Asbestos Survey of Houses: (Demolition)

As you would expect, because all the materials are going to be disturbed, I make big holes in everything looking for asbestos materials!


Commercial Asbestos Surveys


Commercial asbestos surveys are more complex, because they are actually a legal requirement and have been since 2006, with a commercial asbestos survey you are not only protecting people from exposure to asbestos, you are complying with your legal 'duty of care' in respect of the regulations.





History of Exposure

The first 'wave' of asbestos related deaths from exposure was mainly the people who mined it and made materials with it, this also includes the people who installed it in factories and ships etc.

The second 'wave' of asbestos related deaths are expected to be the tradesmen who disturb it on a regular basis, mainly without knowing the nature of the material. Plumbers, electricians, shop fitters, carpenters, builders, maintenance engineers, pipe fitters, roofers, caretakers, laggers, in fact anyone who disturbs building materials on a regular basis, the more exposure the higher the risk of asbestos related health problems.



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