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How much does an asbestos survey cost?

How much does an asbestos survey cost? Kent Surveys explain the reality

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Domestic: Houses - Flats - Bungalows etc

Asbestos in houses, bungalows, mansions, garages etc needs to be properly dealt with, much can be left in place to do what it was designed for (fire protection, weatherproofing, protective coverings, decorative coatings. If you are buying/selling refurbishing or demolishing a property, knowing where the asbestos materials are (if any) can save you a lot of grief in the future.

As with most services, the cost of an asbestos survey can vary a great deal. Based on experience and the fact that you don't know what your going to find in each survey, I have adopted a policy of pricing a survey as normal (expecting to find some asbestos materials) and if I find there is no asbestos or very little asbestos I can reduce the cost accordingly. This is because the  time spent on producing the report is reduced as I don't have to include all the required risk and recommendation information regarding the materials.

There is no VAT on my prices and all UKAS sample analysis is included. I also include a free advice service for any future concerns regarding existing asbestos materials and any planned refurbishment which may disturb them.

Domestic Asbestos Survey Types

In management surveys I do not recommend removal, unless the material is too damaged to repair or it's likely to be disturbed during planned work, the scope of these type of surveys includes all visible and reachable materials but not removing or damaging materials. Management surveys are designed for people who only plan to carry out light refurbishment and redecoration of the property.

In demolition or major refurbishment surveys all the materials are likely to be disturbed and therefore I make holes in everything! looking for asbestos even if it's hidden behind other materials.

Hybrid asbestos surveys are a mixture of the two survey types, where there is specific planned refurbishment I can be intrusive to ensure the wall/area/ceiling to be removed is save to do so, the rest of the property is subject to a non destructive management inspection, these are the most common for properties that  haven't been modernised in recent years. Prices for hybrid asbestos surveys fall between the ranges below.

                                        Domestic Asbestos Survey Price Guides:

Communal Areas of Flats: 140.00 to 240.00

Bungalows: 180.00 (management) to 380.00 (demolition)

House: 220.00 (management) to 480.00 (demolition)

Large House: 280.00 (management) to 560.00 (demolition)


The majority of commercial site managers, duty holders, directors, owners etc are still unaware of their implicit duties in respect of the revised Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, it is a legal requirement to have an asbestos survey carried out on all non domestic properties built before 1999. Any asbestos materials found will need to be managed and proof of that management will need to be shown on request. Contractors may (should) refuse to carry out work until they have seen the survey, the survey is designed to prevent accidental damage and exposure for contractors, staff and visitors by informing them where the hazardous material is located.

As if that wasn't enough, there are severe financial penalties available, after an HSE prosecution, for those responsible for the safety within the buildings (including domestic clients employing contractors) who do not ensure the safety of those entering the building and are exposed to asbestos fibres.


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