How much does an asbestos survey cost?

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The cost of an asbestos survey report varies with each case, but here is a rough guide as to what factors they are made up from.

I always give a fair price based on what the client tells me, this is why it's always good to have a chat and find out what type of service is needed, a management survey, a refurbishment survey, or something in between a 'hybrid' survey.

The distance, size and age of the property can also influence the cost

The cost of a large factory that was built in 1997 is going to be cheaper than a smaller factory built in the1960's.

The first is essentially a 'paper exercise' required simply to satisfy the compliance with the regulations.

The other is likely to have asbestos materials which will require a risk assessment for each ACM based on 12 aspects of the material, to determine the recommendations given in the report. The same applies to a domestic asbestos report.


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