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Former HSE licensed asbestos removal company director (retired), qualified asbestos removal supervisor, qualified asbestos surveyor, NEBOSH (managing safety), 'Asbestos Awareness'  course tutor, self confessed asbestos 'anorak'. Free reassurance and advice for those anxious about asbestos materials in their home or place of work, ring Jerry 01843 592243. Fast track asbestos surveys available, short notice attendance, out of hours working, reassurance sampling carried out, damage risk assessments, sub contractor method statements

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Welcome to the most helpful asbestos management site you will find, if you're buying a house, flat, bungalow, refurbishing your property or running a business, we have all your answers right here. You will get an easy understand, easy to use, asbestos survey report that gives you all you need to easily deal with any asbestos materials in your building.

We help you through every stage of the process, from initial quote and advice, the completion of the survey, including any assistance you may need to manage asbestos materials found (if any). A free client advice line is included with every survey. 

Most people know asbestos can cause cancer if breathed in and that it was traditionally used in a lot of building materials (3000+). There is also a lot of misinformation about having asbestos materials in your building, you don't have to have it removed simply because it contains asbestos fibres!.

In fact most asbestos materials are low risk and can be easily left in place and managed. This applies to both domestic and commercial buildings.

Asbestos Surveys of Houses: If you're buying, selling or refurbishing a domestic property you will need to know if it contains asbestos materials, mainly for safety reasons but there may also be a cost implication if expensive removal is required prior to the proposed modernization work. Many domestic surveys are carried out for reassurance purposes, because of the anxiety associated with a dangerous material. People like to know if they have, no asbestos materials, only low risk materials, materials that are higher risk but are, in a remote location, in small amounts, protected against damage, easily removed without disturbance.


Asbestos Surveys of Commercial Buildings: It became law in 2006 that every non-domestic property (commercial/industrial) requires an asbestos survey carried out by competent persons, in order to manage any potentially dangerous materials and comply with regulations.

The regulations were designed to protect those that work in or visit these buildings, the 'duty holder' of the company will need to carry out the management of any asbestos materials by using an Asbestos Management Plan as described in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006.

A good survey report will form a large part of the Asbestos Management Plan as it contains all the relevant information regarding the risks and advice on dealing with each material including emergencies.


Shops, Pubs and Workshops etc: Smaller commercial properties, in my experience, are usually straight forward and problem free, expensive removal or disruption to business is rarely required. I never recommend removal unless, the material is too damaged to repair or is likely to be disturbed by planned refurbishment, maintenance or installation work (broadband cables etc).

We also provide in depth intrusive refurbishment and demolition surveys for all the above and in fact any type of property or building including industrial plant, ships, underground installations and historic sites.

Please ring or email Jerry for a quick asbestos survey quote or asbestos advice 07712068424  01843 592243



Some of our most popular services:

Asbestos surveys of houses for major refurbishment or development demolition

Asbestos surveys of houses based on homebuyers survey (asbestos is mentioned)

Asbestos surveys of communal areas or common areas of flats etc including external materials

Surveys of Commercial Buildings - Management - Refurbishment - Demolition

Surveys of Industrial Sites - Management - Refurbishment - Demolition

'Duty of Care' (CoAR 2012) reports for commercial properties including management plan guidance

'Duty of Care' (CoAR 2012) reports for industrial sites including management plan guidance

Short notice asbestos surveys available - out of hours working is possible

Same day asbestos survey results / verbal assessment of findings

All surveys are tailored to suit the type / size of building and legal requirements

Specialist in 'hybrid'  domestic/commercial surveys - part planned refurbishment - part management

Automatic cost reduction for 'no asbestos found' surveys (paper exercise for legal compliance)

Asbestos repairs (encapsulation), removal of low risk items and asbestos labelling also carried out


All surveys carried out in accordance with the revised Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Asbestos Anxiety

Asbestos is certainly a complex and emotional subject, it is widely known to be the cause of serious health conditions including various diseases cancers, simply by breathing in the tiny invisible fibres. Because of this fact many of my clients are understandably anxious, usually because they believe the materials, that may be present in their property, will cause them harm. This is rarely the case, especially where materials are intact and/or sealed. Anxious clients are given immediate reassurance, based on facts not fiction.

Most of the asbestos surveys I have carried out since 1989 I have found a huge variety of asbestos materials (see gallery), mainly low risk and easily managed, some high risk and requiring a lot of careful remediation, repair or removal,  many where no suspect materials were found.

This is a loft hatch which has been double faced with Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB) containing 40% Amosite (brown) asbestos fibres.


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