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Commercial Property Asbestos Surveys

Many companies are still not up to date with their legal requirements for asbestos management, as detailed in the latest Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 - In 2006 it became law to have an asbestos survey carried out on any commercial property built before 1999 , asbestos materials were still being used up to that date! (HSE website).

The 2012 revised CoA regulations can be a long confusing read as it also includes a whole range of duties you are expected to comply with when managing the asbestos materials that may be in your property.

Many commercial asbestos surveys will find little or no asbestos, in these cases the report will assure anyone working there that it has been checked and there are no risks from asbestos exposure.

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Many of the asbestos survey inquiries I get come from solicitors, estate agents, letting agents, buyers, sellers etc, because when a commercial property changes hands so does the 'duty of care' for the building, it needs to be shown that all hazards and potential hazards have been identified. These buildings are often subject to major refurbishment where asbestos material that has been left alone for years can suddenly becomes disturbed causing all sorts of problems and legal liabilities.

Commercial properties includes shops and retail/wholesale premises, offices, hospitals, schools and colleges, small factories, care homes, farms, communal areas of flats etc. We carry out re-lease asbestos surveys and pre-refurbishment surveys for all commercial premises.

In most cases there is not usually much work that needs doing in the property to comply with the regulations, perhaps a bit of sealing or (discrete) labelling, many low risk materials can usually be safely removed without comprehensive or expensive control measures, this information is contained in our Envacs reports. If you do have higher risk materials that require immediate attention you will be informed and advised on the correct steps to take, all asbestos materials are given a priority score to let you know what needs 'dealing with' first.

Legal Duties

These properties come under the revised regulations because they are actually 'places of work' and the 'duty of care' and 'duty to manage' responsibilities in respect of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 must be complied with. The penalties for non compliance will be more severe in many commercial prosecution cases because those at risk will include the general public.


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