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How much does an asbestos survey cost?

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The cost of an asbestos survey report varies with each case, but here is a rough guide as to what factors they are made up from.

We always give a fair price based on what the client tells me, this is why it's always good to have a chat and find out what type of service is needed, a management survey, a refurbishment survey, or  something in between a 'hybrid' survey.

The distance, size and age of the property can also influence the cost

Domestic Asbestos Report

A domestic asbestos survey with no major refurbishment planned will cost between 160 and 240 for a standard asbestos management survey.

A domestic property with major refurbishment planned will between 220 and 320 for an asbestos refurbishment survey.

Commercial Asbestos Report

A standard commercial asbestos survey  will cost roughly the same (larger commercial properties will require more information) and may require RA/MS to be submitted for the survey.

Our asbestos survey costs are not subject to VAT and include UKAS sample analysis.

If you have no asbestos materials, because it's essentially a 'paper exercise' the cost can be reduced accordingly.

It is always better to call and have a chat with Jeremy to find out exactly what you need based on your circumstances, perhaps you need a quick survey, to find out if the house you're buying contains dangerous asbestos, that will be costly to remove.

Maybe you plan major refurbishment of a house/shop/office you own and want to make sure there are no asbestos materials (including hidden materials) that are likely to be disturbed during the work. You will find us helpful, reassuring and informative.




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