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Warning: this site has a lot of words because it is a no frills asbestos information site created by an asbestos anorak! (me).

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Asbestos Surveys and Management Since 1986 - Professional - Efficient - Inexpensive - Fully Qualified and Experienced (Ex HSE License Holder - P402 Asbestos Surveyor - Asbestos Removal Supervisor - NEBOSH Certificate).

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Here at Kent Surveys we provide asbestos surveys, asbestos risk assessments, asbestos reports, asbestos inspections, we offer helpful useful advice for all types of client and for all types of property since 1987, call now and have a chat with Jeremy about your requirements.


Understanding Asbestos:

Firstly, asbestos doesn't have to be worrying or confusing, much of the time it's just a question of gathering enough information about any asbestos materials you may have in your property and choosing the right course of action to keep the materials safe. 

For both domestic and commercial buildings there is usually not much to do, if the materials are unlikely to be disturbed during normal use of the building.  If you don't have the right information from a helpful source it can seem difficult to know the correct way to go, we help you through every step of keeping your property safe and legal, whether it's domestic or commercial.

Please remember asbestos fibres are a carcinogenic material that can cause various types of cancer if breathed in, it was used in many materials for many years, much of it is still in place. An asbestos survey will determine if you have any of these materials in your property and explain what you need to do to make them safe and keep them safe (most are low risk and require no action).

There is usually no need for expensive removal unless, the material is too damaged to repair, it is regularly disturbed or it is likely to be disturbed by planned refurbishment or demolition.


How much does an asbestos survey cost? ££££££                         What is an asbestos survey?????



DOMESTIC ASBESTOS SURVEYS: When buying or selling a domestic property an asbestos survey is often requested by those involved in the transaction, to ensure the house does not present a risk in terms of a significant asbestos presence which may result in high costs for removal / mediation (sealing). A normal 'management survey' will normally be sufficient but if the buyer plans significant refurbishment then a more intrusive 'refurbishment' survey would be the better option, if the specific areas of refurbishment can be detailed then a 'hybrid' survey can be carried out which is a mixture of both, this limits the possibility of any cosmetic damage to the minimum.

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Asbestos Regulations: Any non domestic building or group of buildings, where people work, is classed as a commercial property, the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 require the 'duty holder' (usually the person responsible for maintenance and repair of the building) to find and manage any asbestos materials within any building built before 1999, in order to protect those who enter the building for whatever reason, from asbestos exposure, including staff, contractors and members of the public.

Complying with the various requirements of the asbestos regulations is not as complex as it sounds, we help you through every step, firstly you find out where it is and what it is (survey), unfortunately even if the building is 'too new' to contain asbestos it will still require an asbestos survey to show that 'no suspect materials found' essentially a 'paper exercise'.

If the asbestos containing materials (ACM's) are in good condition then you leave it alone, if there is minor damage then you make it safe by repairing, covering, or careful removal (low risk materials only using suitable control measures based on report recommendations). On rare occasions materials with significant damage and/or are high risk must be removed using licensed removal contractors, in these cases competitive quotes from INDEPENDANT licensed contractors can be obtained, (we don't create our own removal work).

Asbestos Management: When maintenance staff or visiting contractors need to carry out work within the building they/you refer to the asbestos survey report first, to ensure the work they are about to carry out will not disturb any of the asbestos materials in the asbestos 'register' (part of the report), that is 'asbestos management' simplified. we offer full instruction on the management requirements for all asbestos materials found and remain available for telephone advice for all clients.

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Talk to Jeremy direct:  Mobile 07712068424 - 01843592243


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